A day of life of a LivingEnglish Volunteer

Thursday, 27-02 2020

Have you ever wondered what a typical day of life of a LivingEnglish volunteer looks like? We are here to open up our doors to you. Living with the students in a homestay lets us experience Vietnam in a unique way. We are not only sharing our skills and helping the locals learn English, but we also immerse in Vietnamese culture and learn something new every day. Together, we are becoming global citizens

1. Mornings

We start up our mornings with a class. Helping our Vietnamese students improve their English through fun but informative activities. It’s a great start to the day!

 2. Coffee time

Because we live in the same homestay we get to converse quite often. But coffee time is a special break after the morning class, where we gather around the table and just talk. This helps our students improve their English speaking skills and learn pronunciation. Sometimes we even head to a local cafe.

3. Lunch

That might be our favourite part of the day. 😉 We gather around the table altogether. But before that… Some of us take a rest after classes, others help cooking and help set the table. At the end of the day, we are a team!

4. Free time

Here, we have some time to relax, or to discover. We can watch a TV series together, go on a little adventure or make it a total siesta time. We like to head to different districts and just wander around and discover.

5. Dinner time

Another exciting event involving food. This goes pretty much the same as the lunchtime. We sit by the table together and enjoy Vietnamese cuisine.

6. Evening classes

Apart from the students living with us we also have some other local people coming to the classes. We have three different levels of classes happening in different rooms at the same time. So students can be allocated to the suitable for them level where they can learn in the most efficient way, and volunteers can teach different levels.


7. Fun Fun Fun

In the evenings you can do whatever you’d like but we usually gather again to either watch Netflix together, the team is recently really into Ragnarok, or even to play the games! We had a fun little game night recently playing Taboo and Charades.



Saturdays are exclusively for sightseeing! Our lovely hosts take us on a city tour, each week a different interesting destination within the vibrant city of Saigon. Last Saturday after the tour we had a lovely dinner in a local spot overlooking District 1 and 4.

Volunteering with LivingEnglish both rewarding and fun. We help each other experience new things and grow. So what are you waiting for? Join us soon.

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