Hà Thanh Tâm

Founder & CEO Of Wina Shoes Company
Host Family Program
After one month studying with LivingEnglish, my friends were shocked because of my English. Before studying here, i usually avoided speaking with foreigners.

Trần Thị Tuyết Nhung

3rd Year Student - International University
Homestay Program
If anyone asks me about LivingEnglish. Simple. It's work hard It's play hard And,  It's hard to forget this place.

Ngọc Nhi

VIP Customer Service - Hoan My Tour Company
Homestay Program
Best way to learn English. Only 3 months living here but i really had a good time. Thanks to Chef Cao Anh for all the delicious dishes. Thanks to all the teachers, thanks for all happy moments that you had given to me. Last but not least, "sweet couple of the house", Mr Hanh and Mrs Nhung, i will miss you so so much. Love you 3000 :)))

Phạm Công Tâm

Web Developer - Freelancer
Homestay Program
Everything in the house, we are family, everybody is friendly, lovely, a warm & funny place. I could study more and not only improve English skills but also make new friends and get more knowledge from people who come from many different countries around the world

Trần Thị Hạnh Trinh

Financial Accountant - CBRE Vietnam
Homestay Program
I don't know how to say thanks to LivingEnglish. For me, Homestay is not only a place where I can study English, but also a really happy and warm family. At LivingEnglish I enjoyed many things, it was a new challenge and an opportunity to expand my horizon in a multiple cultural environment. The courses were varied and interesting, on top of that I also have more brothers and sisters (I love it haha)